Filter Knowledge Reports by Category

Return information about entire categories and subcategories of knowledge articles with a new filter type, category filters.

Where: This change applies to all editions of Knowledge in Lightning Experience.

Why: Say you have categories defined by geographic region. The root category lists countries like United States, Mexico, and Canada. Under United States, categories include individual states like Arizona, California, and Oregon. Under each state, categories include cities. Category filters have their own operators:
  • at—Return knowledge articles in the specified category.
  • above—Return knowledge articles above and in the specified category.
  • below—Return knowledge articles below and in the specified category.
  • above or below—Return all knowledge articles above, below, and in the specified category. If there is more than one root category, then the filter returns only knowledge articles that are part of the parent root category.

So with a category filter on United States below Arizona, your report returns knowledge articles about cities like Tucson and Phoenix. Or, with a category filter on United States above Arizona, your report instead excludes knowledge articles about cities in Arizona.

How: While editing a report, add a category filter from the Filters pane. To filter by United States at Arizona, click More actions | Add Category Filter (1). A category filter section appears in the filters pane (2). Select United States for Category, above for operator, and Arizona for Value, then click Apply (3).

Filtering a knowledge report by category


Data category filters are only available on report types that include the Knowledge object, such as Knowledge Articles or Knowledge with Cases.