Automatically Assign Records Created by Guest Users to a Default Owner (Previously Released Security Alert)

To increase the security of your Salesforce data, set up your org so that guest users are no longer automatically the owner of records they create. Instead, when a guest user creates a record, the record is assigned to a default active user in the org, who becomes the owner.

Where: This change applies to orgs with active communities in Enterprise, Essentials, Unlimited, Performance, and Developer editions.

Why: Having an internal org user be the owner of records created by guest users is a Salesforce security best practice. While we strongly encourage you to assign a default owner, changing record ownership can affect your guest users’ ability to access records. Test all changes in a sandbox environment to see the effects on data sharing and visibility before you change your implementation in production.

How: From Setup, enter Communities Settings in the Quick Find box, then select Communities Settings. Select Assign new records created by guest users to the default owner. Click Save.

In newly created communities, Salesforce automatically assigns the user that created the community as the default owner of all records created by guest users. Change the default owner in the Administration workspace of your community, under Preferences.



Existing records in the org that are already owned by guest users aren’t impacted by this change. However, to improve data security, we still recommend transferring ownership of records owned by guest users to another user in your org.