Reorder Navigation Menu Items for Lightning Apps

Mobile users have more control over how they set up their navigation bar and navigation menu. In any Lightning app with personalization enabled, users can reorder their navigation items in the Salesforce mobile app. Previously, users had to make changes in the desktop version of a Lightning app. These changes affect the mobile navigation menu, the mobile navigation bar, and the desktop navigation bar.

Where: This change applies to the Salesforce mobile app for iOS and Android in all editions, except

When: This change is available the week of July 20, 2020.

Why: Whether a user is mostly mobile or just on a long trip, reorganizing navigation items to suit the mobile workflow is a smart productivity move. Users can reorder their navigation items to put the items they use most frequently at the top of their navigation menu. The first four items in the menu also appear in the navigation bar at the bottom of the screen, where they’re always within easy reach. And now that users can make changes from within the Salesforce mobile app, they can personalize the navigation items for a mobile-only Lightning app without having to ask their admins for help.



Items that are available only in the Salesforce mobile app, such as Today, can’t be reordered.

To reorder items, go to the navigation menu, tap the Edit icon, then drag items as needed.

Tap Edit to reorder your navigation items

How: Personalization is enabled by default in a Lightning app. But if you don’t want your users to personalize the navigation bar for a specific app, disable personalization. From Setup in Lightning Experience, go to the App Manager. For the desired app, select App Options. Select Disable end user personalization of nav items in this app.