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Tips on Searching

Enter the terms you want to search for and press enter.

You can search for a phrase by surrounding it with quotation marks. For example, "grant access" returns all the topics with the phrase "grant access", but doesn't return topics that contain only the term "grant" or "access", or a topic that contains both terms, but are separated by other words.

You can use + and - to indicate mandatory or optional entries. For example:

Search String Returns
grant +access All topics with the term "grant" and, optionally, the term "access".
grant -access All topics with the term "grant" but without the term "access".

You must escape the following characters by adding a backlash before the character.

+ - && || ! ( ) { } [ ] ^ " ~ * ? : \ /
For example, to search for <aura:event>, enter <aura\:event>