Streamline Appointment Scheduling with Automatic Service Resource Assignment

Enable automatic service resource assignment to let your users quickly schedule appointments without having to choose a service resource. You can also give users the option to manually select a service resource or have one assigned automatically.

Where: This change applies to Lightning Experience in Enterprise, Performance, and Unlimited editions with Lightning Scheduler enabled.

Why: Customers or guest users don’t always know the names of service resources or they don’t really care about which resource is assigned to them. With automatic resource assignment, they can schedule appointments without selecting a service resource. Based on the selected time slot, an appropriate service resource is automatically assigned to the appointment.

How: Use the new Anonymous Booking and Service Resource Booking attributes on your flow screen component. The affected flow screen components include Select Service Resource, Service Resource Availability, and Select Service Resource and Service Appointment Time. By default, Anonymous Booking is set to False and Service Resource Booking to True, and there’s no change in your flow's behavior.
  • To skip the resource selection page and automatically assign service resources, set Anonymous Booking to True and Service Resource Booking to False.
  • To give users the option to choose between automatic resource assignment and manual resource selection, set both Anonymous Booking and Service Resource Booking to True.
Service Resource Assignment