Transform Customer Experience with Customer Lifecycle Maps

Understand customers’ perception of your business by gathering customer feedback at every stage of the customer lifecycle. Create customer lifecycle maps with multiple stages and associate each stage with one or more survey questions. Use the Send Survey Invitation action in the Process Builder to send survey invitations at each stage.

Where: This change applies to Lightning Experience in Performance, Partner Developer, Enterprise, Developer, and Unlimited editions where Salesforce Surveys is enabled.

Who: To create a map, users need the Salesforce Surveys Advanced Features permission, available with the Salesforce Feedback Management license.

Why: To gain actionable insights into customer perception across stages, use the Customer Journey Maps in the Customer Lifecycle Analytics template.

How: Enable the Customer Lifecycle Maps setting on the Survey Settings page. Get up and running with the following sample maps.

Enable Customer Lifecycle Maps in Survey Settings.

On the Customer Lifecycle Maps setup page, create a map (1), define stages (2) within the map, and associate survey questions with each stage (3).

Image of a map with stages and a survey associated with each stage.