Turn Responses into Salesforce Records

Create or update records based on participant responses. Create a data map to define the values for object fields that are populated on the submission of a response. You can map participant responses to one or more fields, or you can choose a constant value that’s populated in a field.

Where: This change applies to Lightning Experience and Salesforce Classic in Performance, Partner Developer, Enterprise, Developer, and Unlimited editions where Salesforce Surveys is enabled.

Who: To create a data map, users need the Salesforce Surveys Advanced Features permission, available with the Salesforce Feedback Management license.

Why: For example, you can use a data map to create a follow-up Case record every time a customer provides a particular score for a product. You can map the participant response to the case subject field. You can also map the participant Contact record ID as the case Contact record ID.

How: Open a survey, click Advanced Settings, and select Survey Data Mapping. Click New Mapping. Name the map, choose whether you want to create or update records based on participant responses, and select the object whose records must be created or updated. Choose whether records are created or updated every time or based on conditions. Finally, map the object fields.

Data  map