Check Data for More Field Types in Einstein Prediction Builder

Data Checker now supports field-to-field comparisons, and long text fields that use the “Starts with” or “Contains” operator. Predictions that include any of these field types in their filter conditions can now benefit from the Data Checker. Previously, Data Checker prompted you to remove such fields from your filter conditions to check your data, then add them back to build your prediction. No need to bother with that now.

Where: This change applies to Lightning Experience in Enterprise and Developer editions.

Who: This feature is available to admins with the Einstein Analytics Plus, Einstein Predictions, or EinsteinBuilderFree license.

How: Let’s say your example set has a condition to include only opportunities with an Amount that’s greater than the Expected Revenue. That’s a field-to-field comparison. You chose Comparison as the Type, and used Build Comparison to select the Expected Revenue field. Now you want to check your data to make sure you have enough records. You can do it!Field Comparison

Suppose that your segment includes a filter condition to include accounts with a Description field that starts with or contains “Western Foods Trade Show”. The Description field contains more than 256 characters. No problem! Data Checker can handle it.Long Text Field Filter