Customize the Gantt in More Ways

Fine-tune control over what users can see and do in the dispatcher console with optional custom permissions. For example, you can create a read-only view of the Gantt for service managers. Or, configure which users can drag appointments from the list or map to the Gantt.

Where: This feature applies to Lightning Experience in Enterprise, Performance, Unlimited, and Developer editions with the Field Service Lightning managed package installed.

How: To use the new permissions in existing orgs, first assign them to users. For example, add them to these custom FSL permission sets: FSL Admin, FSL Dispatcher, and FSL Community Dispatcher.



If you activate these optional permissions without adding them to users, you make the Gantt read-only. Activate extended permissions after you add them to users and the FSL permission sets.

After you assign extended permissions to users, you can activate them in Field Service Settings | Dispatcher Console UI | Extended Custom Permissions. Activation is required only once and is irreversible.

Remove permissions from users as needed to restrict access. For example, to make the Gantt read-only for certain users, assign the permissions to the custom permission sets and activate them. Then disable the Enable Gantt Locker permission for those users that should have a read-only view of the Gantt.