Close Cases Faster with Einstein Case Wrap-Up (Pilot)

Chats with customers often include valuable interactions that result in a case field update. Help support agents wrap up cases faster with on-demand recommendations that are based on chat data and closed case field values.

Where: This change applies to Lightning Experience in Enterprise, Performance, and Unlimited editions.

Why: Like Einstein Case Classification, Einstein Case Wrap-Up suggests values on case fields based on activity on past cases. However, Einstein Case Wrap-Up learns from both closed cases and closed chat transcripts to unlock key customer service data.

Recommendations appear in the new Einstein Field Recommendations Lightning component, which you can add to the Lightning Service Console case and Chat layouts or to a Lightning app of your choice. Agents click Get Einstein Recommendations to view predictions, and can then review and save the recommended updates. Fields with predictions are signified by a green dot.

Wrap up cases faster with on-demand recommendations.

How: To sign up for this pilot, contact your Salesforce Account Executive. You’ll select case fields to include in your Einstein Case Wrap-Up predictive model.