Get Foundational Docs on Intent Management and Bot Event Data

Become a bot expert by learning about the best ways to build an intent model, migrate bot data between orgs, and report on bot conversations. Build bots based on tested best practices now included in Salesforce Help on handling the two types of Einstein Bot data: Intent Management and Bot Event Data.
Why: We added two new help sections to explain the two main types of bot data:
  • Einstein Bots and Your Data: A comprehensive overview of bot data. This guide describes best practices around reading event log data, the differences between bot data and bot version data, and a comprehensive listing of each object in the bot data model.
  • Intent Management: Intent Data, or the data used to create an intent model, is separate from bot event data. This guide walks you through how and when to introduce an intent model to your bot, best practices on maintaining an intent model, and how to migrate intent data between orgs.