Salesforce Einstein: Better Results in Einstein Search, Detect Text in Images with Einstein OCR, and Better Predictions with More Data in Einstein Discovery

Einstein Search is natural. Users can enter common words and phrases in the search box and find the records that they’re looking for. Use Einstein OCR (optical character recognition) to turn images such as business cards into alphanumeric text. Get even better predictions from Einstein Discovery with increased row limits.

Read up on the latest ways to get Einstein working for you.

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Einstein Voice Assistant Is Being Retired (Beta)

Einstein Voice Assistant is scheduled to be retired on July 10, 2020.

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Einstein Search: Available with Professional Edition, Clearer Setup Process, Natural Language Search Examples, and Better Recommended Results on the Salesforce Mobile App (Beta)

You can turn on Einstein Search, now available with Professional edition, at no additional cost and benefit from all it has to offer. Complete all the steps outlined by a clearer setup process. Learn how to use natural language search by following examples. See improved recommended results on the mobile app.


Sales Cloud Einstein: Opportunity Scoring Includes Consistent Labels and Field-Level Security, Improved Scoring Model for Leads and Opportunities, and New Account Insight

Opportunity Score is the field name everywhere scores appear. Field-level security controls which scoring factors sales reps see. Einstein Opportunity Scoring models now include products, quotes, and price books. Einstein Lead Scoring models now include leads’ activity data. And Einstein Account Insights lets reps know when companies are cutting costs.


Einstein for Service: Reply Recommendations, Multi-Language Article Recommendations, Enhanced Bot Event Logs, and Facebook Messenger for Bots

Recommend chat replies based on similar closed chats to busy support agents, and receive knowledge article recommendations in five new languages. Help support agents wrap up cases faster with field value recommendations that are based on chat data and closed case fields. Troubleshoot faster with Enhanced Bot event logs, and integrate skills-based routing so your bot can help your customers more quickly. Reach more customers on bots with nine new languages and Facebook Messenger support. Receive Einstein Case Classification predictions on lookup fields as well as checkboxes and picklists, and identify cases whose field predictions didn’t meet the auto-update confidence threshold.


Einstein Object Detection: Data Safety, Improved Detection, and Some Key Updates

Delete the Object Detection data stored in your inactive Salesforce orgs. Objects are detected by models with the highest accuracy. Admins have more information about their models and datasets. Use all records list and related lists to view Einstein Object Detection records easily.


Einstein Discovery: Random Forest Models (Pilot) and Increased Row Limits

Create accurate models using random forest algorithms (pilot). Crunch up to 100 million rows of data.


Einstein Prediction Builder: Define Your Prediction Set, Run Reports, and Enable Predictions from the Scorecard

Make your prediction results more relevant by choosing which records you want Einstein to score. Run reports so you can explore the data being used in your prediction. Save time when you enable or disable predictions directly from the prediction scorecard. Use Data Checker for even more field and record types.


Einstein Platform Services: Image Recognition and Natural Language Processing

Not a data scientist or machine-learning expert, but still want to integrate AI into your apps? Use the Einstein Platform Services APIs to easily AI-enable your apps with image recognition and natural language processing. Using the Einstein Vision APIs, you can leverage pre-trained classifiers or train custom classifiers to solve a vast array of image recognition use cases. With the Einstein Language APIs, you can harness the power of natural language processing to analyze text and infer the sentiment or intent behind the text. Make your apps smarter and look like a genius at the same time.

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