Output Your Einstein Analytics Data to Amazon S3 (Beta)

Output connectors now let you push your data from Analytics into Amazon S3 when you use Data Prep (Beta). You designed powerful recipes that combine data from multiple sources, add formula fields, and transform data into datasets tailored to your business needs. With output connectors and Data Prep (Beta), datasets are liberated from Analytics and written as one or more .csv files for you to improve your overall business processes with better data. For example, output processed and transformed customer service data for individual agents to understand what they could be doing to improve customer satisfaction.

Where: This change applies to Einstein Analytics in Lightning Experience and Salesforce Classic. Einstein Analytics is available in Developer Edition and for an extra cost in Enterprise, Performance, and Unlimited editions.

As a beta feature, the Amazon S3 output connector is a preview and isn’t part of the “Services” under your master subscription agreement with Salesforce. Use this feature at your sole discretion, and make your purchase decisions only on the basis of generally available products and features. Salesforce doesn’t guarantee general availability of this feature within any particular time frame or at all, and we can discontinue it at any time. This feature is for evaluation purposes only, not for production use. It’s offered as is and isn’t supported, and Salesforce has no liability for any harm or damage arising out of or in connection with it. All restrictions, Salesforce reservation of rights, obligations concerning the Services, and terms for related Non-Salesforce Applications and Content apply equally to your use of this feature. You can provide feedback and suggestions for the Amazon S3 output connector in the Einstein Analytics Pilot and Beta Connectors group in the Trailblazer Community.

How: Create the output connection to Amazon S3 from the Connect section of the Einstein Analytics Data Manager, using the Target Connections tab.

The Target Connections tab after selecting to create a connection.
After you enable Data Prep (Beta), build out your recipe with Data Prep (Beta) and add an Output node. Select to write to the Output connection and choose the Amazon S3 connection in the output node of the recipe. In this example, the dataset is saved to the MonthlyServiceData Amazon S3 connection.
Output Connection configuration in the output node.
Save the recipe. When the recipe runs, Analytics creates a folder in the directory you chose when you created the connection, with a name based on the folder path. For example, if you chose the folder path ...support/servicedata, a new folder servicedata is created at the path ...support/servicedata/servicedata. The new folder contains the recipe outcome file servicedata_0.csv, a schema.json metadata file, and a _SUCCESS file. When you run the recipe again, the files previously generated are deleted and the new version of the files are written.