Sales Cloud Einstein: Get Ready for Global Models

Einstein intelligence is built on data. And the more data Einstein has, the more powerful the predictions are. But not everyone has enough data to build a predictive model of their own. To give more customers meaningful artificial intelligence, we’re building global predictive models that all customers can use. Global model looks for aggregate, anonymous trends across many Salesforce customers, so the first step is to gather data from multiple Salesforce orgs. We’ll use the data to build global models.

Where: This change applies to Sales Cloud Einstein in Lightning Experience and Salesforce Classic. Sales Cloud Einstein is available for an extra cost in Enterprise, Performance, and Unlimited editions.

When: We aren’t using org data to create global models right away. Keep an eye out for communications from Salesforce with more details and steps for opting out from having your data included.

Who: Global models will be based on data from orgs that have at least one Sales Cloud Einstein license and have enabled at least one Sales Cloud Einstein feature.

Why: We want you to feel comfortable with global models, so we’re taking it slow and letting you control whether your data is included. Rest assured that if your data is included, it remains as secure as ever and is never shared with other customers.