Do More with the New Salesforce CMS (Beta)

CMS for Community Cloud has evolved into something bigger and better: Salesforce CMS. A host of features that improves usability and flexibility. Share content across communities more easily, and collaborate with local and regional teams on projects. Create content outside of your communities in CMS workspaces. And take advantage of role-based access to control content authoring and settings access in Salesforce CMS. Salesforce CMS is available automatically to all Communities Cloud customers. Check out the Salesforce CMS in the App Launcher.
Where: Salesforce CMS is available in Lightning Experience for Lightning communities in Enterprise, Essentials, Performance, Unlimited, and Developer editions.


Salesforce CMS is a beta feature. Salesforce admins, content managers, and content admins can access this beta feature in the Salesforce App Launcher and Communities administrators can do so in the Content Management workspace of any community. You can provide feedback and suggestions for Salesforce CMS in the Community Cloud group in the Trailblazer Community.

Who: To access Salesforce CMS and create content, you must be a Salesforce admin or have a contributor role, such as content manager or content admin, in specific CMS workspaces. To curate and display content to outside users, you must have admin privileges in Communities.

Why: With Salesforce CMS, authoring can be done outside communities, which has some nice perks.
  • Assign content access with new contributor roles that don’t require administrative access to your communities.
  • Create one or more CMS workspaces to organize your content and share it across multiple communities at once.
  • Create a Full sandbox to play around in safely before making Salesforce CMS part of your daily community life.
Within your individual communities, customize the experience for your users.
  • Reuse content published from one or more CMS workspaces.
  • Curate content into collections that automatically refresh as content changes.
  • Reuse your existing CRM data, such as inventory, to help users find what they need.
  • Connect to an external CMS to reuse content you already host elsewhere with CMS Connect.

How: To see Salesforce CMS in the App Launcher, Communities must be enabled in your org and users must have Salesforce CMS enabled in the Custom App Settings of their profile in Setup.