Lightning Experience Features in This Release

Lightning Experience is a completely reimagined interface. Even better, it’s built on our UI platform, so the experience can grow and evolve with your needs. Check out the new features and considerations in this release.

Lightning Experience: A Modern and Intelligent User Experience

B2B Commerce: Create Self-Service Storefronts for Business Buyers

Salesforce Overall

Get Lightning Experience on Your Phone with Lightning on Mobile (Pilot)

Keep Record Context When Switching from Salesforce Classic to Lightning Experience

Access Lightning Experience from Safari on iPad Devices (Beta)

Power Up Your Related Lists with Enhanced Related Lists (Beta)

Zoom Through Related Lists with Quick Filters

Search Picklist Fields in List Views

New Record Creation Pages Stay in Browser History

Try New Lightning Features with the Lightning Extension for Chrome

Lightning Console Apps: Detect Popped-Out Utilities with New API

See More in Item Menus on the Navigation Bar

Assign Custom Colors to Hyperlinks

Themes and Branding Accessibility Label Improvements

The Lightning Experience Header Is Hidden When You Print from Your Browser

View Records Using Full View (Beta)

Set Org Defaults for How Activities Display on Record Pages

Rich Text Editors Get an Upgrade

Open Hyperlinks in Formula Fields Correctly (Critical Update, Postponed)

Lightning Experience Transition: Critical Update and Transition Tools

Turn On Lightning Experience (Previously Released Critical Update) Delayed Until January 2020

Transition Assistant: Everything You Need in One Place

Turn On Lightning Experience and Don’t Look Back

Use the Readiness Check to Guide Your Lightning Experience Transition

Lightning Experience Configuration Converter: Scanning and Preparing Visualforce Pages, Hard-Coded URLs, AppExchange Packages, and More

Get Guidance to Prepare Your Org for Lightning Experience

Lightning Experience Adoption: In-App Guidance and Help Menu

Add In-App Guidance for Training, Onboarding, and News (Beta)

Focus on Prompts with a Keyboard Shortcut

Onboarding & Assistance Is Now User Engagement in Setup

Help Menu: Results Filtered by Edition, Quick Links for Trailhead, Help, and Support

Lightning Scheduler: Inbound Appointment Scheduling, Event Management, Action Plans, and More

Streamline Customer Appointment Scheduling with Lightning Scheduler

Manage Calendar Availability with Event Management

Pair Your Action Plans with Lightning Scheduler

Partner Your Salesforce Surveys with Lightning Scheduler

Manage Room and Equipment Booking with Asset Scheduling

Optimize User Experience with the Right Flow Screens for Different Devices (Beta)

Easily Find the Right Invocable Action for Lightning Scheduler in Flow Builder

Salesforce Surveys: Free Sending, Customized Email Invitations, and an Improved User Experience

Send Surveys for Free

Take Advantage of Free Survey Responses

Send Customized Email Invitations for Improved Response Rates

Generate Survey Invitations for Leads

Say More with an Increased Character Limit for Questions and Responses

Work with Surveys More Easily on Mobile Devices

Enjoy Surveys' New Look


Find What You Need Fast with Search Results That Reflect How You Navigate

See Which Objects Were Searched at a Glance

Get Search Results for More Objects


High Velocity Sales: Person Account Support, New User Welcome Experience, and Improvements to Sales Cadences

Lightning Data: Choose Which Records to Target or Skip Prospector and Clean Are Being Retired

Sales Cloud Einstein

Einstein Forecasting: Quarterly Forecasting Support and Data Segments

Einstein Opportunity Scoring: Easily Understand Why Some Scores Aren’t Shown

Sales Cloud Einstein: Get Ready for Global Models

Einstein Activity Capture: Better Setup, Improved Control of Sharing, and Activity Metrics

Einstein Automated Contacts: Smart Email Matching Is Retired

Einstein Insights: “Contact Is Leaving” Insights Are Retired

Core Sales Features

Products: Tailor Product Schedules to Your Business Processes

Collaborative Forecasts: Opportunity List Improvements, Quotas in Setup, and a One-Page View of Territory Forecasts

Enterprise Territory Management: More to Do and See in Lightning Experience

Path: Celebrate Sales Milestones

Other Changes in Core Sales Features

Productivity Features

Einstein Activity Capture: Clearer Setup, More Sharing Control, Activity Metrics

Email Experience: Adding Images, Read-Only Recipients, and Choosing a Default Email Composer

Email Templates: Enhanced Letterheads and Images

Activities and Tasks: New Filter, Task Notifications, and Packageable Task List Views

Notes: Pop Out Notes from the Utility Bar

Lightning Dialer: Custom Call Results, Call Panel Pop-Out, and Call Quality Reporting

Salesforce Inbox App: Daily Events and Insights in One Place and Updated Inbox Setup Assistant

Calendar: Event List Views and Event Series Available on Quick Actions

Quip for Sales: Standardize Sales Processes Using Quip

Gmail Integration

Log Emails from Gmail to Salesforce with Fewer Clicks

View Location in Email Tracking from Gmail

Integration with Microsoft®

Outlook Integration: Faster Email Logging and Email Tracking Improvements

Salesforce for Outlook: Latest Versions and Email Integration Alternatives

Salesforce CPQ and Billing: Pricing Guidance, Improved Invoice Line Crediting, and Reliable Amendments and Renewals for Large Contracts

Salesforce CPQ: Pricing Guidance for Ideal Discounts, Reliable Amendments and Renewals for Large Contracts, and Improved Percent of Total Relationships on Order Products

Salesforce Billing: Bulk Invoice Line Crediting in the Credit Center and Sending CVVs in the Payment Center


Monitor Prospect Engagement with Campaign Insights (Generally Available)

Explore Marketing Report Data on Campaign Records

Use Behavior Scoring with Workflows and Process Builder

View Engagement Activities in Related Lists

Use Quick Filters on Pardot Views

B2B Marketing Analytics Legacy App Is Retiring

Get All Your Pardot Release Notes in One Place


Einstein for Service

Intelligently Transfer Bot Sessions During Conversations

Understand Conversation Design with a Dialog Map

Set Up Bots Faster and with Less Preparation

Customize Bot Actions with Profiles

Give Agents the Right Steps and Top Results from Einstein Next Best Action

Optimize Button in Einstein Case Classification Was Removed

Field Service

Field Service Lightning Mobile App: Deep Linking, Appointment Notifications on Dispatch, and Enhancements to Image Upload

Schedule Smarter with Enhanced Optimization (Beta)

Create and Manage Service Crews with Crew Management (Generally Available)

See Further into the Future on the Gantt

Work Faster in the Dispatcher Console Map

Set Scheduling Limits for Different Types of Work

Monitor Optimization Requests from the Dispatcher Console

Select a Scheduling Policy When Booking Appointments

Automatically Create Time Sheets for your Service Resources (Beta)

Sort Related Lists in Service Reports

Get Started with Shifts

Shower Productive Users with Confetti

Give New Community Users Access to Field Service Lightning Objects

Ignore the Asset Resource Type When You Create a Service Resource


Messaging: A New Name for LiveMessage, Outbound Messages, and Sensitive Data Screening

Chat: A New Name for Live Agent, Improvements to Conversational Conferencing, Seconds in the Timestamp, and Alert Sounds

Social Customer Service: Facebook Recommendation Format and Bulk Actions on Posts

Phone: Dialer for Essentials and Voice Support Setup Flow Updates

Embedded Service for Mobile Apps: Give Customers a Great Mobile Chat Experience

Embedded Service for Web: A New Name for Snap-Ins, Appointment Management, and Customized Chat Experiences


Improve Your Authoring Experience with Inline Editing

Gain Insights with Enhanced Report Relationships

Search Knowledge Articles from Any Object

Use the Restore, Delete, and Submit for Translation Actions in Lightning Experience

Paste Images into Article Rich Text Fields

Send Case Emails with Community and Site Article URLs in Lightning Experience

Manage Promoted Search Terms in Lightning Experience

Manage Knowledge Workflow Actions in Lightning Experience

Engage Global Customers with Articles in Right-to-Left Languages

Use the Upgraded Rich Text Editor

Create Knowledge Actions and Global Quick Actions

More Lookup Features for Lightning Knowledge


Set Up Skills-Based Routing Without Code Using Attribute-Based Routing (Beta)

Specify Which Routing Skills Are Additional

Manage Queue and Skill Assignments for Your Agents in Omni-Channel Supervisor

Prompt Before Logging Out Agents of Other Browser Tabs

Use a Flow to Route Work Items Based on Skills

Case Management

Lightning Flow for Service: All the Right Guidance, All in One Place

Cases: Case Merging, Improvements to Files, Template Enhancement

Agent Productivity: Conditional Macros and Improved Quick Text Searching in Lightning Experience


Lightning Communities

Do More with the New Salesforce CMS (Beta)

CMS for Community Cloud Users Are Migrating to Salesforce CMS (Beta)

Control Who Does What in Salesforce CMS (Beta)

Streamline User Creation and Management of External Users

Get More Control with Community Flow Page URLs

Currency Field Is Available in Account and Opportunity Layouts

Community Builder No Longer Supported in Microsoft Internet Explorer 11

Create a Report from Your Community (Beta)

Lightning Components in Community Builder

Set Up Quick Actions in Case Views

Set Up Mass Quick Actions in Communities

Set Up Global Quick Actions in Communities

Use Custom Task List Views in Record List Components

Customize Your User Settings

Quickly Build Contextual Filters for Einstein Analytics Dashboards

Take Control of the Hover State in the Tile Menu (Beta)

Streamline Customer Appointment Scheduling with Lightning Scheduler

Give Your Users More Display Options in Record Lists

Customize the Submit Button on Your Community Contact Support Forms

Enhance Your Custom Lightning Community by Using Pages from Other Templates

Add Deflection Tracking to More Communities

Add a Button to Let Community Members Request a Call from Support

Developer Productivity

Update and Deploy Lightning Communities with ExperienceBundle (Developer Preview)

Create and Publish Communities with Chatter REST API

Experience More Consistent Navigation in Lightning Communities

Future-Proof Your Linking with Navigation API Calls

Partner Communities

Share Market Development Fund Objects with Account Relationships

Run Reports on Account Relationships

Update Account Relationship Data Sharing Rules

Easily Track Your Channel Program Members’ History

Add More Channel Program Members with Increased Limits

Track Stages of Market Development Funds Using Path

Create Lookups to Market Development Fund Objects

Enable Partners to Send Emails from Cases

Tailor Product Schedules to Your Business Processes

Sharing and Security

Start with More Restrictive Profiles for Standard External Community Profiles

Use Sharing Sets with Leads

Communities Support Right-to-Left Languages for Password Resets (Beta)

Increase Password Complexity Requirements for Communities

Customize Passwordless Login and Verify Pages

View the Number of Failed Community Login Attempts

Customer Community Plus and Customer Community Plus Login Licenses Are No Longer API Enabled by Default

Set External Access Levels for More Objects

Verify Standard Page Access for Authenticated Users

$Site.AdminEmailAddress Is Deprecated

Critical Updates

Enable External Org-Wide Defaults in Orgs with Communities or Portals (Critical Update, Enforced)

Require TLS 1.2 for HTTPS Connections in Communities and Sites (Critical Update)

Disable the API Enabled User Permission Defaults for External Profiles (Critical Update)

Restrict the Use of Standard External Profiles for Self-Registration, Login, and Assignment to Users (Critical Update)

Block Certain Fields in the User Record for Orgs with Communities and Portals (Critical Update)

Other Changes in Communities

Improve Your Sales Process by Using Path with Leads in the Salesforce App

Link Takes Users Directly to Their Profile Page

Receive (or Not to Receive) Email Notifications for Best Answers

Use Any Google Analytics Custom Dimension

Add Static Resources to CORS Whitelist

Create More Roles and Add More Person Account Users with Increased Limits


Salesforce Connect: External Change Data Capture, External Object Picklists, External Object Reporting, and Named Credential Authentication Protocols

AppExchange: Find the Right Salesforce Consultant for Your Project

Einstein Prediction Builder

Catch Errors Before They Happen with Data Checker in Einstein Prediction Builder

Fine-Tune Your Filters with Custom Logic in Einstein Prediction Builder

Einstein Next Best Action

Create Expressions for Filtering Recommendations More Easily in Next Best Action Strategies

Dynamically Deliver and Enhance Next Best Action Recommendations from Salesforce Objects or External Data Sources

Use the Map Element to Add Simple Enhancements or Map Recommendation Fields to Flow Input Variables

Package Next Best Action Strategies for Distribution

Lightning Flow

Analyze Your Automated Business Processes in Automation Home (Beta)

Process Builder

Process and Flow Design

Flow Builder

Lightning Scheduler Flows

New Flow Content

Other Changes for Lightning Flow

Critical Updates for Lightning Flow

Retiring Features

Lightning App Builder

Get More Options When Creating Record Pages

Quickly Build Contextual Filters for Einstein Analytics Dashboards

Display Einstein Discovery Predictions in Lightning Experience Record Pages

View Quip Notifications Directly in Salesforce

Track Individual Emails in the Outlook

Explore Pardot Data on Salesforce Campaigns

Switch Between Pinned and Non-Pinned Page Templates

Data Protection and Privacy

Track Customer Consent with Authorization Form Objects

Classify Your Sensitive Data to Support Your Data Management Policies (Generally Available)

Add Credit Score and Influencer Information to Your Data Privacy Records

Customize Data Sensitivity Values for Fields

Get Data Protection and Privacy by Default

Objects and Fields

Show Einstein Predictions in Formula Fields

Work with More Custom Objects in Your Org


Safeguard Your Data by Setting External Access Levels for More Standard Objects (Beta)

User and Custom Object Access Settings Default to Private

External Org-Wide Defaults Are Enabled in Orgs with Communities or Portals (Critical Update)


Go Global with New International Date and Time Formats (Pilot)

Connect with More Customers with New Platform Languages

Get Things Right with Right-to-Left Languages (Beta)

General Setup

Add Flexibility to Your Permission Set Group with Muted Permissions (Pilot)

Create Objects from Spreadsheets

Standard Invocable Actions for Session-Based Permission Sets Are Categorized for Flows

Gain Insight into Your Company’s Installed AppExchange Packages

Set Up Quip Faster

Add Salesforce Users to Your Quip Site Faster

Use More Characters in a Big Object’s Index

Define More Field Types for Big Objects

Enable Enhanced Permission Set Component Views

Enhanced External Services: Get Better Connections for a Better Tomorrow (Pilot)

Updated Topic Assignment Label

Match Production Licenses for Orgs on Different Releases

Add a Namespace Prefix to pageReference.state Properties and Query Parameters (Critical Update, Enforced)

Protect Your Custom Settings and Custom Metadata Values

Require Customize Application Permission for Direct Read Access to Custom Settings (Critical Update)


Lightning Components: Lightning Web Components in More Places

Visualforce: Introducing Live Controller (Pilot), Update Your Guest Access to Private Static Resources, CKEditor Replaces FCKEditor



Salesforce CLI: Faster Load Times, Expanded Project Scaffolding

Scratch Orgs: New Features

Salesforce Extensions for VS Code: Enhanced Aura Components Support, Upcoming IDE Retirement

Einstein Platform Services

Training Requests from Paid Plans Are Prioritized

Number of API Calls to Return Examples Is Limited to 30 Calls Per Month

Einstein Vision: Dataset Maximum Size Increased, New language Field

Einstein Language: Dataset Maximum Size Increased, New language Parameter and Field

Custom Metadata Types

Reference Custom Metadata Type Records in Process Builder

Get More Custom Metadata Types

Monitor Custom Metadata Type Use in System Overview

Custom Metadata Type Creation Visibility Option Updated to New Functionality


Use Salesforce CLI for Sandbox Operations (Beta)

Developer Console

Format Your Code with Prettier in Developer Console

Enqueued Time Field in Tests Tab Is Accurate in All Time Zones


Store More and Larger Debug Logs


Track Leads and Manage Licenses for Second-Generation Managed Packages (Beta)

Customize How Unlocked Packages Are Installed and Upgraded

Modify and Debug Namespaced Unlocked Packages More Easily

Other Enhancements in Unlocked Packages

AppExchange Partners

See the Health of Your AppExchange Listing with Marketplace Analytics

Gain Insight into Managed Package Usage with App Analytics

Test Your Package Versions with ISV Hammer (Pilot)

Change Data Capture

Process Change Event Messages in Apex Triggers

Compose Streams of Change Data Capture Notifications with Custom Channels

Receive Change Event Notifications for More Objects

Use transactionKey Instead of isTransactionEnd for Synchronizing Changes Within Transaction Boundaries

Platform Events

Choose the Publishing Behavior for Your Platform Event

Process Smaller Event Batches in Platform Event Triggers and Recover from Exceptions

Get Notified of Asynchronous Platform Event Publish Errors (Beta)

Receive Streaming Events in Your Lightning Web Component

New and Changed Items for Developers

Lightning Components: New and Changed Items

Apex: New and Changed Items

API: New and Changed Items

Salesforce CLI: New and Changed Commands