Add Salesforce Users to Your Quip Site Faster

You can now quickly add users from Salesforce to your Quip admin site with a few clicks. No more manually entering each user's name and email address in the Quip Admin console.

Where: This change applies to Lightning apps in Lightning Experience in Essentials, Professional, Performance, Unlimited, and Developer editions.

Who: This change is available in orgs with a Quip Enterprise plan or free Quip Enterprise trial.

How: If you haven't already done it, connect Salesforce to Quip. In Setup, enter Quip in the Quick Find box, and follow the steps. When you get to the step to add users to your Quip site, click the link for the Quip Admin Console. When you click Provision Members, the console page displays an option to add all Salesforce users.

Provision New Members to Quip page from the Quip Admin Console with option to provision Salesforce users circled.

Click Continue and enter the credentials to connect to Salesforce. The page displays the invalid Salesforce accounts that can’t be provisioned. Click Continue and select the Salesforce user accounts you want to add to Quip. Click Next and Submit, and you're done.