Add Quip Documents and Chat to Your Processes and Flows

Process Builder and Flow Builder now include standard Quip actions, so you can easily include Quip documents and chat rooms in your automated Salesforce processes. You can also deploy customized auto-fill Quip templates and standardized Quip documents based on specific actions taken in their connected Salesforce records.

Where: This change applies to Lightning apps in Lightning Experience in Essentials, Professional, Performance, Unlimited, and Developer editions.

Who: This change is available in orgs with a Quip Enterprise plan or free trial.

Why: Flow Builder includes a new Quip category in the New Action page and 11 Quip-related actions that you can add to your flows. The new actions include creating Quip documents, adding chat messages to a document or chat room, creating a chat room, editing a Quip document, and more.

Flow Builder's New Action page showing the new Quip category and some of the new Quip actions

Here's an example of creating a Quip document. You must specify a document name which, as a power Flow Builder user, you've probably stored in a variable. You can also optionally do all kinds of fun things, like share the document, add initial content, and put it in an existing folder.

Flow Builder's New Action page showing the Create Quip Document action with a variable for the Document Title field circled.

If you prefer to use Process Builder, don’t worry, you’re not missing out! Process Builder now includes a Quip Action type and the same 11 Quip actions as Flow Builder. Here’s how you can create a Quip document in Process Builder.

Process Builder's Select and Define Action page with the new Create Quip Document action circled.

And these are the new Quip actions that you can use.

A list of all the new Quip actions in Process Builder

You’re now fully equipped to be a super-collaborator. Go forth and chat!