Reference Custom Metadata Type Records in Process Builder

Reference custom metadata type records from a Process Builder formula to automate your business processes, reusing functionality that you define. To change a value, you can update it in the custom metadata type instead of in your process and any hard-coded formulas that your process uses.

Where: This change applies to Lightning Experience and Salesforce Classic in Professional, Enterprise, Performance, Unlimited, Developer, and editions. Professional Edition orgs can create, edit, and delete custom metadata records only from types in installed packages.

Why: Let’s say that you want to send an email or trigger some other action when the amount in the Account object’s Annual Revenue field is greater than $100,000.
  1. Create a custom metadata type.
  2. Create a custom field for your type named Minimum Revenue.
  3. Create a record for your type, and name it FY20.
  4. From System Variables, reference the custom metadata record in Process Builder.
    Criteria in a process that includes a formula referencing a custom metadata type record.Use the correct suffixes. For the custom metadata type, use __mdt. For fields, use __c. Records require no suffix. Your formula might look like this one.
    [Account].AnnualRevenue  > $CustomMetadata.Annual_Revenue__mdt.Annual_Revenue.Minimum_Revenue__c
    If the minimum revenue amount changes, edit the custom metadata record rather than your process.