Select a Scheduling Policy When Booking Appointments

Enjoy greater scheduling flexibility by choosing a scheduling policy directly from the Book Appointment and Candidates Chatter actions.

Where: This change applies to Lightning Experience and Salesforce Classic in Enterprise, Performance, Unlimited, and Developer editions with the Field Service Lightning managed package installed.

Who: Users need these custom permissions to see the new Change Scheduling Policy field:
  • Policy Picker In Appointment Booking
  • Policy Picker In Get Candidates

Why: The Book Appointment and Candidates Chatter actions use the default scheduling policy defined in Field Service Settings | Global Actions | Appointment Booking. However, sometimes you may need to apply a less restrictive scheduling policy. In this case, use the new Change Scheduling Policy field to try a different policy. This field also makes it easy to test out new scheduling policies.

Change scheduling policy


The Change Scheduling Policy field shows all scheduling policies that the user has access to. Scheduling policy access is based on sharing rules.

How: To choose a scheduling policy from the Book Appointment or Candidate Chatter action, click Get Appointments or Get Candidates on the action. After the results load, select a different policy in the Change Scheduling Policy field to rerun the search.