Pause a Flow Interview

If your administrator has configured a given flow to do so, you can pause its interviews. Pausing is useful, for example, when a call with a customer drops or the customer can't find their account number and plans to call you back.
Available in: both Salesforce Classic (not available in all orgs) and Lightning Experience
Available in: Essentials, Professional, Enterprise, Performance, Unlimited, and Developer Editions

User Permissions Needed
To pause a flow interview: Run Flows


Flow User field enabled on the user detail page

  1. In an open flow interview, click Pause.
  2. Explain why you had to pause the flow.
    This step is optional, but it helps differentiate between the different flow interviews that you've paused, especially if you paused multiple interviews of the same flow. This explanation can be up to 255 characters long.
  3. Click OK.
The flow interview is saved until you resume or delete it later. Any valid values that you entered before you paused are saved with the interview, so you don't have to reenter that information when you resume.