Configure Search Results in Lightning Experience

Choose which record fields appear as columns on the search results page. The search results layout also determines which fields can be filtered and sorted, and which field is shown as the secondary field in instant results.
Available in: both Salesforce Classic (not available in all orgs) and Lightning Experience
Available in: All Editions except

User Permissions Needed
To change search layouts: Customize Application

Users can’t customize the search results layout, so consider asking your users which fields they need.

The search results layout determines which fields can be filtered on the search results page for accounts, files, opportunities, leads, contacts, cases, tasks, notes, dashboards, and people. Supported field types are checkbox, phone number, picklist, text, and URL. You can't filter encrypted fields.

Fields in the search results layout can also be sorted if sorting is available.

The second field in the search results layout appears as the secondary field in instant results. The secondary field provides context about the record. For example, the phone number for a contact appears under the contact’s name. Only certain types of fields are supported.

Secondary Field

  • Examples of supported fields are short-text, phone, currency, percent, date, or time fields.
  • Examples of unsupported fields are HTML-formatted fields (URL and email), inline image fields, picklists, or long-text fields.
  1. From Setup, select Object Manager, then select an object in the list.
  2. In the left pane, select Search Layouts. If Search Layouts isn’t available, the object isn’t searchable, or you can’t customize the search layout.
  3. Edit the Search Results layout.
    Choose which fields appear in search results for global search and lookup search, and which fields can be filtered, if available. Changes to the Lookup Dialogs, Lookup Phone Dialogs, and Search Filter Fields layouts affect search results in Classic only.


Search Layouts