Einstein Bots to the Rescue: Boost Service Team Productivity with Bots (Generally Available)

Make your service agents’ lives easier with Einstein Bots. Bots can handle routine and repetitive customer requests, freeing your agents to spend their time on more complex issues that are better suited for humans. Does your customer just need an order status? A password reset? Store hours and location? No problem—Einstein Bots can do it in their sleep!

Where: Einstein Bots is available in both Lightning Experience and Salesforce Classic in Enterprise, Performance, Unlimited, and Developer editions. Setup for Einstein Bots is available only in Lightning Experience.

Who: Einstein Bots is available to orgs with both Service Cloud and Live Agent user licenses. Each org is provided with 25 Einstein Bots conversations per month for each Live Agent User with an active subscription. To make full use of the Einstein Bots Performance page, you also need Service Cloud Analytics.

Why: Use bots to collect and qualify customer information to resolve routine issues, or seamlessly escalate them to an agent for fast resolution. For folks using Live Agent, you can set up bots to gather pre-chat info such as contact details and a case number. Bots are a great time saver for your agents.

Einstein Bots are:

  • Connected to your CRM data, your company’s historical customer service data, and existing business processes.
  • Designed to work with your pre-chat methods to gather information and save your agents time.
  • Easily built and deployed using the Einstein Bot Builder. You can build bots that are purely menu- or button-driven. You can also train the bot to understand your customers’ inputs in the chat window.


    Intents support customer inputs in English only.

How: Here’s what your customers see in the chat experience.
  • First the bot identifies itself (1).
  • Then it sets expectations and offers quick value with menu buttons (2).
  • A Bot Options menu provides some options that are always available in the chat window, including Transfer to Agent (3).
  • Optional Dialog Intents let you train the bot to understand your customers’ inputs in the chat window (4).
Example chat with bot showing four numbered sections
Use the Einstein Bot Builder to assemble the dialogs that define your bot. In this example:
  • The Welcome dialog (1) introduces and identifies the bot (2).
  • The Next Step directs the bot to display the Main Menu dialog (3).
  • Optional intents associated with each dialog let you train the bot to understand your customers’ inputs in the chat window (4).
Einstein Bot Builder Welcome dialog with numbered steps
In this example:
  • The Main Menu dialog (1) tells the bot to send a message to the customer (2).
  • The Next Step displays a menu that sets expectations and offers quick value to your customers (3).
Einstein Bot Builder Main Menu dialog with numbered steps

Before you can start using bots, you need a few key elements in place.

  1. Run the Live Agent Setup Flow.
  2. Provide a Snap-ins chat button for your customers on your community or site.
  3. To preview and test your Einstein Bot, enable Snap-ins chat.
  4. Enable Salesforce Knowledge if your Einstein Bot serves Knowledge articles to customers.

After you set up these key elements, you’re ready to build a bot!

Related Updates for Developers

Developers can use the Metadata API to set up and configure Einstein Bots. Use the following types:
  • Bot
  • BotVersion
  • MIDomain