Search the Object You Want Easily from Anywhere

When you want to search an object, cut the clutter, and see results only for what you’re searching for, from anywhere in the app. Choose any searchable object in the dropdown list next to the global search box. Enter your search term, and both instant results and full search results are limited to that object.

Where: This change applies to Lightning Experience in all editions.

Why: Searching by object type isn’t new, but we made it easier and faster. You no longer have to type an object name and choose Limit search to from the dropdown. Now you can focus your search to any searchable object simply by choosing or typing the object name in the dropdown.

Typing ca in the dropdown list returns the Campaigns, Case Comments, and Cases objects.

The objects you use most frequently are at the top, followed by the full list of searchable objects in alphabetical order.

Searchable objects in the dropdown list

When you don’t select an object, search works as usual, returning matches from different objects as you type. The Top Results page then shows you the most relevant matches from your most frequently used objects.