Bring Your Service Processes to the Console with Lightning Guided Engagement (Generally Available)

Guide agents through multi-step actions, like call scripts, right inside the console. A list of ordered flows keep the process moving during agent handoffs—customers don’t have to repeat themselves because agents know exactly where to pick up. For folks using Live Agent chat, a new pinned region template lets your agents view the chat and list of flows at the same time. The best news is that all this awesomeness is configured with clicks, not code.

Where: This change applies to Lightning Experience in Essentials, Professional, Enterprise, Performance, Unlimited, and Developer editions.

Why: The Guided Action List helps your agents provide consistent quality customer service across all your channels. Business processes, including stages for your flows, are displayed to your agents in a clear Action List. You can configure default flows for each channel, such as phone and chat, so that agents know how to handle cases on any customer touchpoint. You can also specify which flows agents should complete first and last with pinned flows. Your agents also have the flexibility to add flows based on your customer’s needs.

This flow in the Service Console app helps agents verify contact information for an incoming caller.Screen shot of the Service Console set up for Lightning Guided Engagement.

How: Lightning Guided Engagement lets you present flows as primary tabs or subtabs in a console app. While the new RecordAction junction object associates records to flows using Salesforce automation tools. When a record that has an associated flow is opened, the flow is launched as a subtab.

Use the Cloud Flow Designer to create the flow. Then use the Process Builder to add processes that associate records with the flow using the RecordAction junction object. To display the flows to agents, add the Guided Action List component to pages using the Lightning App Builder.

Screenshot of the Guided Action List in Lightning App Builder.

To configure default flows for channels, edit the channel settings from the Properties pane in Lightning App Builder.

Screenshot of the Channel Settings for the Guided Action List.

If you have Live Agent chat, you can use the Guided Action List component and a new console record page template to set up a console experience that’s sure to make your agents successful. See Resolve Cases with Chat and Lightning Guided Engagement.

You can also display a list of recommended flows to agents when certain conditions are met by adding the Einstein Recommendations component to your Lightning pages. See Einstein Next Best Action: Use Strategies to Recommend Actions and Offers (Pilot).

Lightning Guided Engagement is built on the Lightning platform, which means partners can create AppExchange packages with customized solutions for your business needs.