Reimagine Reporting with Lightning Report Builder (Generally Available)

Give your users a powerful, intuitive tool for analyzing Salesforce data. The future in reporting has fully arrived with Lightning report builder becoming generally available. You can group, filter, and summarize records to answer business questions like “How much revenue did we generate in the South East last quarter?”; “Which lead source is generating the most closed opportunities?”; and “What is the average age of all open cases?” Lightning Report Builder includes some changes since the last release.

Where: This feature is available in Lightning Experience in Group, Essentials, Professional, Enterprise, Performance, Unlimited, and Developer editions.

  • To create, edit, and delete reports in your private folder, you need Create and Customize Reports user permission.
  • To create, edit, and delete reports in public folders, you need either the Report Builder or the Report Builder (Lightning Experience) user permission.
How: To build a report in Lightning Report Builder, on the Reports tab, click New Report.


Now that Lightning Report Builder is generally available, Hide the embedded Salesforce Classic report builder in Lightning Experience replaces the Enable Lightning Report Builder (Beta) option on the Reports and Dashboards Settings page. If Enable Lightning Joined Reports (Beta) is selected, you can still access the Salesforce Classic report builder in Lightning Experience.

Building a Report in Lightning Experience

Changes Since Spring ’18

  • Group reports by customized date granularity.
  • Rename reports by clicking the report name or the pencil icon next to the report name.
  • See a report’s report type inside a gray bubble next to the report name.
  • When navigating away from the report builder with unsaved changes, you are prompted to save your changes. No more lost edits!