Link from Dashboard Components to Websites or Salesforce Records

After giving dashboard readers insights about their business, drive them to take the next step by providing one-click access to Salesforce records or websites.

Where: This feature is generally available in Lightning Experience in Professional, Enterprise, Performance, Unlimited, and Developer editions.

  • To link from dashboard components, you need the Create and Customize Dashboards user permission.
  • To link from dashboard components in dynamic dashboards, you need the Manage Dynamic Dashboards user permission.

Why: A sales overview dashboard is a great way for teams to collaborate on opportunities because it provides a complete picture of your pipeline. Dashboard components already link to source reports, so you can get more details, but what if you’re ready to take action? Now you can link directly to the Opportunities tab so dashboard readers can get to work!

How: To link from a dashboard component to the Opportunities tab, add or edit a dashboard component. Then, in Custom Link, enter /lightning/o/Opportunity/list.

After dashboard viewers expand your linked component, they can visit the link by clicking Visit Link.

Linking from a dashboard component to the Opportunity Tab

When linking to a website, enter the site’s domain. For example, Be sure to include https:// or http:// or www.. If you don’t, Salesforce won’t recognize the destination as a website. Enter (without https:// or www.) and you’ll direct people to