Identify and Track Top Accounts in B2B Marketing Analytics

With the new account-based marketing dashboard and datasets for B2B Marketing Analytics, you can analyze campaign performance, influence, channel activity, and more, all by account. The new tools help answer questions about accounts, and let you identify highly engaged, top-revenue accounts to focus on. Segment and customize this data using B2B Marketing Analytics.

Where: This change applies to Lightning Experience and Salesforce Classic in Enterprise, Performance, and Unlimited editions with Pardot Pro or Ultimate edition and B2B Marketing Analytics.

Who: This feature is available to users with a B2B Marketing Analytics license.

Why: The account-based marketing dashboard is provisioned to the B2B Marketing Analytics app and combines sales and marketing data in one place. Measure your ABM campaign success, and track specific accounts as they move through the sales funnel.

Account-Based Marketing Dashboard. Includes Account details, graph with pipeline value by account.

Dashboard visualizations include:

  • Account Details—See top-level Account KPIs.
  • Pipeline Value by Account—View top accounts in your pipeline by value.
  • Engagement Score by Account—Identify top-engaging accounts.
  • Sales Activities by Account—Identify which accounts your sales teams are engaged with.
  • Opportunities—See your pipeline and opportunities within accounts and understand your win percentage.
  • Engagement (Campaign Influence by Account and Revenue Share by Account and Lead Source)—See how accounts are engaging with your marketing activities.
These new datasets are provisioned to the Analytics Shared App.
  • Salesforce Contacts with Accounts—Contacts associated with accounts, including sales activities, contact information, lead source, and Pardot grade and score. This data comes from Salesforce and Pardot.
  • Salesforce Opportunities with Account—Opportunities associated with accounts, including close date and related information, opportunity value, and account detail information. This data comes from Salesforce.
  • Salesforce Events with Contact, User, and Account—Events associated to the contact, user and account, including number and duration of events, activity information, and other event-related data. This data comes from Salesforce.

How: The new datasets and dashboard are automatically provisioned to the designated apps in Analytics Studio. To move these datasets from the Shared App to the B2B Marketing Analytics app, edit the datasets. Then choose B2B Marketing Analytics as the app associated to the dataset.



Replication must be enabled in Analytics for these enhancements to be provisioned to your account.