Organize Records with Topics

Topics provide a way to organize records by theme. Now you can use topics on records in Lightning Experience by adding the Topics component to record pages. Topics are automatically enabled for all available standard objects. If you used topics on records in Salesforce Classic, after you add the Topics component, your users see previously added topics on the same records in Lightning Experience.

Where: This feature is new in Lightning Experience in Group, Professional, Enterprise, Performance, Unlimited, and Developer editions.

Why: Your users can use topics to provide information about what they’re seeing in the field and from their customers. For example, if support agents are interested in communications standards, they can add the Communications Standards topic to any file that includes communications information. They can add the same topic to cases, contacts, or any other record where they want to include the communications standards theme. After you add the Topics component to record pages, users can easily view, add, and remove topics from records.Topics component on a record page

Topics on records become links to topic detail pages. If Chatter is enabled, the topic detail page shows posts and comments with the same topic.

How: Create a record page for Lightning Experience, and add the Topics component. You can also add the Topics component to existing record pages. You can configure the title, the placeholder text that appears in the topic editor, and the number of topics shown before the Show More link appears.Topics component in Lightning App BuilderFor more insight into how your org is using topics on records, create a custom report type with Topic Assignments as the primary object.