Filter Related Lists on Service Reports (Generally Available)

Bloated service reports got you down? Reduce the number of records that appear in related lists on service reports by adding filters to any service report template. This way, customers see only the records that they need.

Where: This change applies to Lightning Experience and Salesforce Classic in Enterprise, Performance, Unlimited, and Developer editions.

Why: Related list filters on service report templates let you remove unneeded records from service reports. Here are some ways to use filters to polish your service reports.
  • On a work order service report template, create a filter in the Work Order Line Items related list that displays only closed line items.
  • On a work order service report template, create two related lists that separate work order line items by status: one named “Line Items On Hold” and one named “Completed Line Items.”

When related list filtering on service reports was in beta, you could create only one filter per related list, and only picklist fields could be filtered. Now you can create up to five filters per related list, and filters can apply to either picklists or checkbox (Boolean) fields.

Filters tab
The following filter operators (1) are available.
  • For picklist fields: Includes or Excludes
  • For checkbox fields: Equals or Not equals

Valid checkbox values (2) are True and False.

How: To set up a filter, open a service report template and click the wrench icon on the related list you want to filter. From the Filters tab, define up to five filters. Only records that list a selected value in the filter field appear in service reports that use the template.


  • Deactivated picklist values don’t appear in the lookup, but you can enter them manually.
  • Filter settings are visible only from the Filters tab.
  • The Status field on contract line items isn’t available for filtering, and the Filters tab isn’t available in Internet Explorer 8.