Manage Field Service in Lightning Communities

Sharing field service data with partners, contractors, and customers just got easier. All Field Service Lightning standard objects are now available in Lightning communities. Field service objects were already available in communities built using Salesforce Tabs + Visualforce, but previously only work orders, work order line items, and service appointments were available in Lightning communities.

Where: This change applies to Lightning communities, Salesforce Tabs + Visualforce communities, and all versions of the Salesforce app.

Why: If you use a community to connect with your business partners, employees, or customers, keeping the communication lines open is key to your field service success. For example, add return orders and return order line items so that customers can see the status of their returns. Or, add service resources so that partners can see resources’ skills and start date.

You can add the following field service objects to Lightning communities.
  • Address
  • Asset Relationship
  • Assigned Resource
  • Associated Location
  • Location
  • Maintenance Asset
  • Maintenance Plan
  • Operating Hours
  • Product Consumed
  • Product Item
  • Product Item Transaction
  • Product Request
  • Product Request Line Item
  • Product Required
  • Product Transfer
  • Resource Absence
  • Resource Preference
  • Return Order
  • Return Order Line Item
  • Service Appointment (previously available)
  • Service Crew
  • Service Crew Member
  • Service Report
  • Service Resource
  • Service Resource Capacity
  • Service Resource Skill
  • Service Territory
  • Service Territory Location
  • Service Territory Member
  • Shipment
  • Skill Requirement
  • TimeSheet
  • Time Sheet Entry
  • Time Slot
  • Work Order (previously available)
  • Work Order Line Item (previously available)
  • Work Type


This list doesn’t include objects that aren’t unique to field service, such as assets, accounts, and contacts. In addition, linked articles, which are knowledge articles attached to field service objects, aren’t supported in Lightning communities.

How: To expose a field service object in a Lightning community, make a new object page in Page Manager in Community Builder. When prompted, choose an object. Page Manager creates three related pages for the new object page: a record detail page, a record list page, and a related list page. Add the object to your community’s navigation bar, and you’re all set.


Review the field-level security on objects you add to your community to make sure that customers and partners see only the fields that they need.