Debug Your Flows in Cloud Flow Designer

Cloud Flow Designer now offers a debug option to help you test and troubleshoot your flows. Easily set input variables, quickly restart flows, and view all the gory details of what’s happening in real time as your flow executes.

Where: This change applies to Lightning Experience and Salesforce Classic in Essentials, Professional, Enterprise, Performance, Unlimited, and Developer editions. However, when you display debug details, the flow is rendered in Lightning runtime, even if Lightning runtime isn’t enabled for the org.

Why: Previously, when you encountered an error while running a flow, perhaps you struggled to diagnose the root cause. Perhaps you’ve resorted to trial and error, wishing you could see what the flow was doing in the background. Perhaps you’ve manually added troubleshooting screens to display variable values that your users don’t need.

Despair no more! When you debug a flow, you can:
  • Easily specify the values of input variables. After running the flow, you can quickly change those values and rerun the flow.
  • Choose whether subflow elements run the latest version of each referenced flow.
  • View the step-by-step details of all operations, actions, and variable assignments as the flow executes them.
  • At any time, even mid-run, quickly restart the flow so that you can try a different branch.


Debugging a flow runs the flow and performs its actions, including DML operations and Apex code execution. As is always the case when running flows, if you close or restart a flow mid-run, previously executed actions, database changes, and callouts aren’t rolled back.

How: From Cloud Flow Designer, open the flow, and click Debug.Cloud Flow Designer button bar

Set the debug options and input variables. Then click Run.

Debugging options and input variables

If you opt to show details, they appear in a panel on the right.

Flow screen and Debug Details panel

When the flow finishes running, you can change inputs or run it again with the same inputs that you previously entered.