Take the Fast Path to Business Intelligence with New Templates

Choose from a wide range of new templates to instantly create prebuilt solutions based on the Analytics platform. Meet your data analytics needs fast without having to deal with the complexities of integrating data or building dashboards.

Where: This feature is available in Einstein Analytics in Lightning Experience and Salesforce Classic. Einstein Analytics is available in Developer Edition and for an extra cost in Enterprise, Performance, and Unlimited editions.

Who: To use Analytics templates, you must have an Analytics Platform license.

Why: Want to get going fast on the Analytics platform? New Analytics Templates let you do that with ready-made datasets and dashboards that you can easily customize around your own requirements. We’re introducing new templates that address a wide variety of industry and line-of-business use cases.

No more starting from a blank slate, and you don’t have to deal with the complexities of data modeling or build visualizations to get going. Create an app from a template, and Analytics imports Salesforce data into Analytics datasets and dashboards. From there, add data and build your own explorations. Customize the dashboards to meet your needs, add your own, and delete anything you can’t use. Think of them as starter packs for your organization’s analytics experience.

Analytics Templates give you just what you want and only what you want. Each template includes a selection of datasets and dashboards to meet your immediate analytics needs. Nonprofits, for example, can get started fast with the Fundraising Analytics pack, with dashboards focused on helping you stay on top of donors and donations. Or, if businesses want insight into their configure-price-quote (CPQ) processes, they can use the Quoting Analytics template.

Choose from the following template categories:
  • Industry templates for financial services, health, nonprofit, retail, and other sectors.
  • Line-of-business templates for quoting, marketing, and other business processes.
  • Feature-specific templates that help you take data snapshots, create specialized charts, analyze change in your Salesforce org, and take advantage of other Analytics features.
The first new templates include the following:
  • Quoting Analytics. Gives you instant insight into your team's configure-price-quote (CPQ) process. You can dig deep into the process and its effectiveness across teams, regions, and products. Here’s the Quote Effectiveness dashboard:Quote Effectiveness dashboard from the Quoting Analytics template
  • Snapshot Analytics. Use this template to create a custom dashboard to provide a visual report based on historical data from any Salesforce object or dataset. Here’s an example snapshot:Snapshot from Snapshot Analytics template
  • Change Analytics. Analyze field history data in any Salesforce object with this template to see how, when, and where members of your team change data.
  • Adoption Analytics. This template creates datasets and dashboard to help you understand your team’s adoption of Analytics assets—datasets, dashboards, and apps.
  • Fundraising Analytics. Non-profits: Use this template to apply the power of Einstein Analytics to Salesforce nonprofit Data. KPIs in the dashboards focus on donors and donations. Here’s the Donation Summary dashboard:The Fundraising Analytics Donation Summary dashboard
  • Pipleine Analytics. Point this template at your Salesforce data to instantly create a cool waterfall dashboard showing sales pipeline by product, team, or geography.

The new templates broaden the offering we started with the Sales Analytics, Service Analytics, Field Service Analytics, Event Monitoring Analytics, and other app templates. We plan to release new templates regularly over the coming months and releases to serve a wide variety of new business analytics needs.

How: Create an app in Analytics Studio as you've always done, and look for templates in the left panel of the Create window. Scroll down to see them all and select the one you want.

After Analytics builds the app, open it on the Analytics Studio home page and start exploring. Salesforce Help provides details about what’s in each Analytics Template and guides you to common customizations you can try.

Get started with Analytics Starter Packs today and move from data to actionable insights in minutes.