Get Timeline Details at Your Fingertips

Give your users more information about patient timeline events by adding extra information to the hover text. And console users can now click an event to open the related record in another tab so that all the details of the event are available.

Timeline with hover text for task

Two new fields to the Timeline View Configurations tab let you add more information to the items and events that appear on the timeline.
  • The contents of the Detail Field appear on the timeline to identify the event. For example, to display the name of a task, use the Subject field on the Task object. The text from the Subject field shows on the timeline along with the icon that you select for that type of timeline event.
  • In the Hover Field Name field, enter up to seven comma-separated field names from the object you want to display. The values from this field appear as hover text for an event on the timeline. Make sure to use the API field name and not the field label. You can show fields from the underlying object as long as they are valid date, number, text, picklist, or combo box fields.