Simplify Salesforce Navigation with the User Switcher

With the user switcher, users can now easily navigate Salesforce when they have multiple usernames on the same or different Salesforce orgs. They select their profile picture to see a list of available usernames to navigate to. Users no longer have to open a new tab, enter a login URL, and then enter their username. Their browsers aren’t cluttered with several tabs, one for each Salesforce org. Now users can have a single tab for all Salesforce orgs. This feature is available in Lightning Experience only.
Available in: All Editions

Don’t see a username you need? Click Add Username to add it to the list.

user switcher

The user switcher is enabled by default. Admins can disable it to prevent the user switcher from displaying on the current org or to prevent an org from appearing in other user switchers. To disable the user switcher, from Setup, enter Session Settings in the Quick Find box, then select Session Settings.