Team Up to Sell More with Opportunity Teams in Lightning Experience

Your reps can improve the efficiency of sales teams by adding opportunity teams to their opportunities. Team roles show who’s who on the team, and help the team coordinate to sell more. The opportunity owner can grant opportunity team members on opportunities teams special access to records related to the opportunity. Previously, you had to switch back to Salesforce Classic to enable opportunity teams or set up team roles. Now, you can access settings for opportunity teams without leaving Lightning Experience.

User Permissions Needed
To enable opportunity teams: “Customize Application”
Available in: Enterprise, Performance, Unlimited, and Developer Editions

A team member is added to an opportunity with a specific role, and the member's level of access to the opportunity and its related records can be adjusted. For example, the opportunity owner might include a sales engineer working on the opportunity, and give the sales engineer access to update opportunity information. Edit the list of available roles in Setup.

The Opportunity Team related list