It’s Time to Update Your Community Templates

Effective Summer ’16, we no longer support Koa, Kokua, or Napili template versions prior to Winter ’16 (October 2015). To continue receiving Salesforce support for your template, update it to Summer ’16. When you update your template, you also benefit from the latest Community Builder and template features. Why miss out on new Lightning components, page creation, custom layouts, and more?


If you don’t update your template, it doesn’t affect your community. However, if issues arise with outdated templates, Salesforce Customer Support can’t assist you.

If your community uses the Spring ’16 version of the templates, sit back and relax. We automatically update your template version to Summer ’16, so you can start adding the latest features to your community straight away.

If your community uses a Koa, Kokua, or Napili template that is earlier than Winter ’16, read on because you have some housekeeping tasks.


If you’re not sure which template version your community uses, check out the Settings area in Community Builder.

The impact of updating a template depends on the version your community is using.
Template Type and Version What to Expect When Updating to Summer ’16
Winter ’16 Koa, Kokua, or Napili
  • Your customizations are maintained for all pages, except login pages.
  • Login pages retain branding but lose custom code or component customizations.
Prior to Winter ’16 Koa, Kokua, or Napili Most component customizations and properties are overwritten. However:
  • For Koa and Kokua, general settings, such as Category Group Name, Top-Level Category, and Company Name, carry over.
  • For Napili, topic definitions carry over.

Most branding properties defined using the Branding Editor in Community Builder are maintained. However, sometimes your community’s colors are reset to the default value. After you update the template, check the branding properties and update the ones that were reset.

For information on component compatibly with older template versions, see “Which Components Can I Use with Each Template?” in the Using Templates to Build Communities guide.