Give Community Members What They’re Looking for with Improved Search

Supercharge search beyond articles and discussions, and rejoice: Global search is now available in your community. Community members now see search results based on objects they can access (including custom ones!), as long as they’re searchable. Other enhancements include improvements when searching for person accounts.
We’ve made quite a few improvements to the Search Publisher component, so you can make the following customizations:
  • As members enter search items, the search publisher has the option of showing suggested results in one list, rather than tabbed Articles and Discussions lists. Want to keep the tabbed lists? No worries, you can definitely keep them. (1)
  • Want to turn off autocomplete? Not sure why you would, but now you can.
  • Want to hide the footer that allows community members to ask a question or contact support? You now have the option of showing the footer or not, based on your community’s needs. Previously, the footer was always on by default. (2)
  • Before this release, when members were on a Topic Detail page and started entering a search term, the search was only limited to the topic. Now the search is done across the community, and the member has the option of only limiting it to the topic if needed.
Search publisher in the community.


Global search results shown in the community. Global search in the community

The Global Search Results component is the newest Lightning component in the Community Builder. With this component, members can see search results in one tab (All), and cases, accounts, contacts, and any other object exposed in the community to which they have access. (1) Community managers can easily determine which tabs, and thus which search results, they want community members to see.



To allow your users to find a custom object’s records when they search, in Salesforce setup create a custom tab set to Default On or Default Off. Creating a custom tab enables the custom object's Allow Search setting.