Get Creative with Flexible, Customizable Tabs

The new Tabs component makes it easy to group other components in a set of customizable tabs and add structure to your page. Add as many tabs as you need and whatever components you want, apart from another Tabs component. (You really can have too much of a good thing.) Use the Property Editor to rename and reorder the tabs. And choose whether to show or hide individual tabs to guest users in the community.

If you’re familiar with the renamed Featured Topics & Feeds component (previously Home Page Tabs), perhaps you’ve wanted to customize it to suit your unique needs. With the flexible Tabs component, now you can!

And check out the new Featured Topics component, which is now independent of the Featured Topics & Feeds component. Combined with the Tabs component, it brings a new level of freedom when building your community’s pages. Did we mention flexible?


Let’s say you want your community members to see a customized Tabs component on the Home page instead of the standard Featured Topics & Feeds component.

First we delete the Featured Topics & Feeds component and drag a Tabs component onto the canvas. Then we add two tabs and name them Featured Topics and My Feed.

We add a Featured Topics and a Rich Text component to the first tab, and a Compact Feeds component to the second tab.

And with that we have a customized Home page for our community members!The Tabs component with two tabs