Manage Pending Posts, Flagged Items, and Frozen Members with Preconfigured Insights

The Salesforce Communities Management package available on the AppExchange provides even more Insights reports around moderation. You get reports to manage posts that are pending approval, review posts that have been flagged, and manage frozen members. You even get an audit trail report to track all your moderation activity.


The Summer ’16 version of the Salesforce Communities Management package will be available on the AppExchange shortly after the release.

If your community takes advantage of moderation rules to review posts, use the Pending Insights report to review and approve posts directly from the report page.

Screen cap of the Pending Insights report.

If your community takes advantage of rate-limiting rules that freeze members when they create content too frequently, use the Members Insights report to monitor frozen members and unfreeze them if they aren’t spammers.

Screen capture of the Members Insights report.

Take a look at one of the Flagged Insights reports to track comments, files, messages, and posts that have been flagged as inappropriate.

Screen capture of Flagged Post Insight report

To track all your moderation activity in one place, use the Moderation Audit trail Insights report.

Screen capture of Moderation Audit Insight report



In this release, we rearranged and renamed some of the Insights reports to align with the task-based goals of your community managers. If you previously installed the package, your mapped Insights reports appear in the updated locations. However, we can’t update existing Insights page labels to match our new page labels. Check out the new navigation and labels in the Engagement and Moderation sections. Update your page labels to match.