Control Who Sees What with Profile-Based Page Visibility

Create page variations that target specific audiences in your Napili community, and control who sees what depending on their profile. You’ve been able to create alternative versions of a page for several releases, but you could make only one the active or visible page. Now, with profile-based page visibility, you can make as many page variations visible as you like!


For communities using the Winter ’16 and later versions of the Napili template, this functionality is available immediately after the Summer ’16 release.

Let’s say you have a financial services community and you want your clients and your brokers to see a different Home page based on their profile. You can create two variations of the Home page, each with content targeting a specific audience—clients and brokers in this case—and set the visibility of each page to different profiles. All members go to the same URL, but clients see Home A, whereas brokers see Home B.

Who Exactly Sees What?

All this magic happens in the Page Manager area, where we’ve added a Page Variations tab for each page. Choose from three visibility options that, when combined with a page’s published status, determine whether a page is visible to community members.

Default: All users unless set by profile
When the page is published, it’s visible to all valid community members, except members whose profiles are assigned to a different page variation. One default variation is required.
By Profile
When the page is published, it’s visible only to users with the selected profiles.
Even if the page is published, it’s not visible to users.


Here are several Home page variations with differing visibility and published statuses.
  • Home A is visible only to Profile A members.
  • Home B is visible only to Profile B members, but they can’t see pending changes.
  • Home C isn’t visible.
  • Home D is visible to all members, except Profile A or Profile B members.
  • Home E isn’t visible.
The Page Variations tab of the Home page with page variations A-E


A page variation that was previously set as the active page is now set to default visibility. The visibility of all other page variations is set to None.

If the page was previously published, that status is applied to all its page variations. However, a published page variation with visibility set to None is never visible to your community members.

We’ve made quite a few changes to the Page Manager area to accommodate profile-based page visibility. But there’s more to see, so ramble over to the enhanced Page Manager to learn more.