Get More Insight Into Whether You’re Ready for Lightning Experience

Run the Lightning Experience Readiness Check to evaluate some of the Sales Cloud features and customizations you’re using in Salesforce Classic. That way, you can learn which are ready for Lightning Experience and which need your attention before you migrate your users.

User Permissions Needed
To run the readiness check “Customize Application”

After you kick off the evaluation, you get a report with an impact assessment on the features and customizations we evaluated. We also give you our recommendations on taking next steps.

The readiness check evaluates several of your Sales Cloud features, including unsupported tabs, objects, custom buttons, and links.

You can kick off the Lightning Experience Readiness Check from the Migration Assistant in Setup. Then, we email you your readiness report.

Keep in mind that if your company has set IP restrictions for Salesforce, those restrictions could prevent you from running the readiness check. Work with your IT team to learn if you can lift or alter restrictions.

Check back in the coming months to learn about improvements and additions, including evaluations for more of your features and customizations.