New Improvements to Field Service Lightning

June 2016 brings new enhancements to the Field Service Lightning managed packages.
Available in Salesforce Classic
Available for an additional cost in: Enterprise, Performance, Unlimited, and Developer Editions with the Service Cloud

The latest version of the managed packages includes the following new capabilities:
  • Use the service scheduling optimizer to automatically schedule all unscheduled services in a way that maximizes the efficiency of your workforce.
  • Access the managed packages in Salesforce’s 32 fully supported languages.
  • Define customers’ visiting hours to indicate when their services can be scheduled.
  • Swiftly schedule, dispatch, and track emergency appointments with the new Emergency Chatter action on services, which includes a real-time map view.
  • Schedule services that span multiple days.
  • View a resource’s monthly schedule and capacity with the new monthly view in the dispatcher console.
  • Schedule services, view traffic data, view optimized routes, and expose additional data in the map view.
  • Color-code scheduled services and enjoy more sophisticated filtering in the Gantt.
To learn more about these improvements, see What’s New in June 2016. To update your managed packages to the June 2016 version, re-download the packages using the original installation links that Salesforce provided to you.