Easier Tracking of Clients’ Relationships

We’ve made it easier to track who’s who and who knows who. New related lists on account and contact detail pages show the centers of influence that are key to cultivating new business. And, streamlined setup of reciprocal roles saves time during implementation.

Client and household profiles show the related entities (such as lawyers and accountants) that are associated with a client or household. Previously, you couldn’t see all the clients and households that an entity had relationships with. Now, we’ve added related lists to account and contact detail pages so that you can visualize these extended relationships from both sides.

We’ve also simplified the setup task of configuring reciprocal roles. When you create reciprocal role records to describe how entities are related to clients and households, you no longer have to create two records per relationship. Create one record and we automatically create another to represent the inverse. For example, let’s say that you save a reciprocal role record with the role of Client and the inverse role of Power of Attorney. We automatically create a corresponding record with the role of Power of Attorney and the inverse role of Client.