Processes Can Execute Actions on More Than One Criteria

Now you can choose what happens after your process executes a specific action group. Should the process stop, or should it continue evaluating the next criteria in the process? It’s up to you! Best of all, executing multiple action groups in a single process makes it easy to manage all of your processes for a given object, like a Case, in one place.

Previously, when a record met your defined criteria (1), the process executed the associated action group and then stopped (2). Previously, processes stopped after executing acitons

Now you can specify when to stop or continue your process. It’s easy.

  1. First, make sure you’ve defined the next criteria and that your action group includes only immediate actions. You can’t evaluate the next criteria when an action group contains scheduled actions.
  2. Click STOP (3) or EVALUATE THE NEXT CRITERIA (4) to change what happens after actions execute. Initially, each action group is set to stop after executing actions.Stop or Continue process
  3. Make your selection (5), save your changes (6), and your choice appears on the canvas.