Organize Restricted Picklists by Managing Inactive Values

Conveniently deactivate or reactivate values in restricted picklists to keep up with changing business needs without deleting values before you’re ready. Now you can phase out a value from a restricted picklist without disrupting the existing records that use that picklist value. When you’re sure you no longer need the value for future records, you can simply delete it. This streamlined procedure works for global picklists and all other custom restricted picklists. Global picklists are available in Salesforce Classic only. All other restricted picklists are available in both Salesforce Classic and Lightning Experience.


This release contains a beta version of global picklists that’s production-quality but has known limitations.

When you deactivate a value, it no longer appears in the picklist that users select from when creating or editing a record. But records that already had that value retain it.

Let’s say you want to hide a picklist value so that users can no longer select it. First, navigate to the picklist definition.

  • For a picklist on an object, go to the fields area of the object. For example, for an Account picklist: From Setup, enter Account in the Quick Find box, then select Fields under Accounts.
  • For a global picklist: From Setup, enter picklist in the Quick Find box, then select Picklists.

Then go to the picklist’s detail page. Remove the value from future use by clicking Deactivate next to its name.

Example: Deactivate a Global Picklist Value Deactivate a global picklist value

The value moves to the Inactive Picklist Values section. If you decide later that you need the value, click Activate next to the value name.

Example: Inactive Global Picklist Value Inactive global picklist value


For unrestricted picklists, you can effectively deactivate values by clicking Del next to the value’s name and then selecting Keep old value for existing records.