Create and Edit Lightning Experience Record Pages (Generally Available)

Customizing Lightning Experience record pages is now available to everyone! Create a record page from scratch, or make a copy of an existing record page right from the Setup menu. Give your users a customized view for each object’s records by adding, editing, or removing components to change the page’s layout. This feature is available in Lightning Experience only.
You can create a custom Lightning Experience record page in two ways.
  • From the Setup menu on a record page in Lightning Experience, select Edit Page.

    When you select Edit Page for the first time, Salesforce makes a copy of the page. This copy is what you then edit in the Lightning App Builder. If a customized page already exists and is active, selecting Edit Page opens that page to edit.

  • In either Lightning Experience or Salesforce Classic, create a page from scratch by clicking New from the Lightning App Builder list page in Setup.
For its inaugural release, creating and editing Lightning Experience record pages is supported for these objects:
  • Account
  • Asset
  • Campaign
  • Campaign Member
  • Case
  • Contact
  • Content Document
  • Custom External Object
  • Custom Object
  • Custom Person Object
  • Event
  • Group
  • Lead
  • Note
  • Opportunity
  • Price Book
  • Price Book Entry
  • Process Instance Step
  • Process Instance Work Item
  • Product
  • Task
  • User
  • Work Order