See What’s What with Responsive List Hovers

Last release, we let you peek into tabs with tab hovers. With this release, you can peek into list-view rows too, just by mousing over them.

Responsive lists now display the details of a row in a hover, so you can preview it without opening each record.

responsive list hover

Here’s how to enable responsive lists with hovers.

  1. In Setup, select Create | Apps, and find the name of the console you want to modify.
  2. Click Edit.
  3. Select Enable Responsive Lists.
  4. Click Save.

The fields that appear in the overlay mirror the fields in the active list view. To customize which fields appear, see Edit List Views and Create Custom List Views in the Salesforce help. (The list view must be expanded wide enough for the Edit, Delete, and Create New View links to be visible.)

Some nitty-gritty about list hovers:

  • For cases, the hover title is always the Subject field. For other entities, it’s the Name field.
  • You always see the Description field on case hovers, even though it can’t be added to the list view.
  • If the Subject or Name field isn’t in the list view, the hover doesn’t have a title.

Responsive lists aren’t supported for IE version 10 or earlier.