Set Up Enhanced Goals

All organizations using Goals will be automatically upgraded to Enhanced Goals on Friday, August 21. You can choose to upgrade as soon as the release is available to use the new features and give your organization more time to migrate your goals customizations.
Goals require a license, which is available for an additional cost in Professional, Enterprise, Unlimited, and Developer editions, and is included in Performance edition.

User Permissions Needed
To view critical updates: “View Setup and Configuration”
To activate critical updates: “Modify All Data”


“Customize Application”

For more detailed instructions, see the Goals Upgrade Guide.


During the second part of the upgrade, existing goals functionality will be read only. You may want to communicate this and other changes about the new Goals feature to your users in advance.

In Summer ’15, administrators will see new Critical Update tasks for migrating to the new Goals functionality.

Critical Updates popup
  1. From Setup, click Critical Updates. You can also navigate to the page from the Critical Updates popup.
  2. Click Activate for Goals Update 1 of 2.
    This enables the new Goals functionality in read-only mode. Existing goals functionality is still fully available, and custom fields (except for formula fields) are automatically created for new goals.


    Any new customizations added to the old goals objects after this point aren’t copied over to the new goals objects.

  3. Migrate existing Apex, Visualforce pages, triggers, external code, reports, and packages from existing goals to new goals.
  4. Click Activate for Goals Update 2 of 2.
    This migrates data from existing goals into new goals. Both existing and new goals are read only during this time. After data migration is completed, the new Goals functionality is fully available and replaces the existing Goals functionality.