Organization Sync Enhancements

Organization Sync has been enhanced to include some new user assistance, auto-published fields, auto-synced users, and the ability to write reports and triggers for the Organization Sync log.
Organization Sync is available in: Enterprise, Performance, Unlimited, and Developer Editions

The Fun Stuff
  • To learn about Organization Sync, check out this short video:

    Play How Organization Sync Works (3 minutes, English only)

  • Are you a new Organization Sync admin? After you add the Connections tab in Salesforce and set up your replication connection, take this interactive jaunt through the Connection Detail page to learn how to make the most of its features. Walk Through It Walk Through It: Explore the Connection Detail Page.
Auto-Published Fields
If you publish an object to the linked organization in your replication connection, that object’s fields are automatically published. You can still edit which fields are published via the Connection Detail page. This change just saves you some clicking time. The following field types aren’t supported:
  • Rich text area (RTA) fields
  • Formula fields
  • Roll-up summary fields
  • Fields that have a lookup to an unpublished object


This change doesn’t apply to standard Salesforce to Salesforce connections.

Automatic User Sync
Users are now automatically synced in Organization Sync. As soon as you create a replication connection, all users with Standard user licenses are copied to the secondary organization. When a user is created, updated, or deactivated, that change is automatically applied to both organizations.


If you choose not to sync metadata in Organization Sync, add users to the secondary organization by clicking Bulk Sync Users at the top of the Connection Detail page.

Create Triggers and Reports for the Organization Sync Log
The Organization Sync Log lists data and metadata that failed to sync. You can write Apex triggers for the log to notify you or others about log entries. For example:
  • Write a trigger that emails the administrator if more than 10 new entries appeared in the log in the past 24 hours.
  • If an entry appears in the log for an account, trigger a workflow rule that flags the account with a “Needs Review” flag.
To create triggers for the Organization Sync Log, from Setup, select Salesforce to Salesforce | Org Sync Log | Triggers.
You can also create custom report types to monitor the health of your Organization Sync environment. Use the Org Sync Log object as the primary object or as the secondary object to any object supported in Organization Sync (for example, Accounts or Contacts). For example:
  • Create a custom report on the Case object that shows all log entries for records related to a case in the last month.
  • Create a dashboard with reports that show:
    • The number of log entries in the past 24 hours
    • The number of log entries by field type


Because the log displays outgoing syncing failures, the same report shows different results depending on which organization you’re working in.